The Benefits of a Digital Signage Solution

ONELAN is a global leader of digital signage and IPTV solutions. The company develops high quality, innovative solutions for all types of screen-based communications for applications including retail, advertising networks, corporate communications, education, health, public signage and hospitality.

ONELAN Digital Signage Solutions

Point of Information

Point of Information displays have great viewing angles and Wi-Fi is included as standard across the range.

Shelf Edge

Slim all in one digital signage solutions are available in a range of screen sizes and are ideal for installation in tight spaces.

Integrated Player Displays

We supply a range of integrated signage which combine the digital signage player into the display panel itself. These space saving products are ideal for making an impact in shelf edge and point of information applications. With our optional multi-touch interface our integrated displays can be used for way finding or as a kiosk. These have effective application across retail, corporate, small business and public sector markets.

4K Players

ONELAN NTB Digital Signage is the complete solution offering high performance solid-state devices, powerful feature-rich software and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. Thousands of ONELAN NTB digital media players are installed right around the globe.

Generate 4K content in real time

A common complaint with 4K signage is a lack content. With the ONELAN Digital Signage solution this is no longer a problem. Using our Content Management System (CMS) users can aggregate a range of content e.g. video, images, HTML, scrolling text and arrange them in a layout which is rendered on the fly at full UHD 4K resolution.

Ideal for feature video walls

With high-bandwidth DisplayPort and HDMI a single 4K NTB can deliver a range of video wall solutions. Standard layout video walls can be created using the displays’ loopthrough capability or a feature video wall can be managed using a 4K NTB and a Datapath video wall controller. This makes video walls much more cost effective.

Certified 4K solution

Not all 4K players are created equal. ONELAN’s 4K Player range has been recognized and certified as part of the Crestron 4K Certification Program. This independent certification acknowledges the quality and reliability of playback delivered by the 4K NTB. It gives guaranteed compatibility with Crestron’s 4K distribution systems.

Make local content updates

Local novice or occasional users can make instant announcements, play content on demand, update menu boards or room booking schedules, add new content and more, within safe boundaries using simplified Ad hoc portals set up by the content administrator.

Get your data on screen

The subscriber player provides a variety of methods to get important data on screen automatically. Whether it is display of web pages, dynamic Flash and HTML or system integration using the ONELAN Data collection engine we can get your data on screen to make a difference.

Reliable trouble free operation

With proven reliability for 24/7/365 applications and requiring minimal IT maintenance there are also no recurring fees for ONELAN subscriber players. Software maintenance and upgrades are free of charge making the subscriber player a One off Cost.

Engage with interactivity

Trigger playback using GPIO, USB or XML commands over the network from virtually any type of interactive device: motion sensors, touch, IR remote controls and building control automation solutions. Likewise external devices can be put under playlist control.

Entertain with live video and TV

Select from DVB-T tuner, HDCP compliant HD capture and MPEg UDP IP Streaming options to get live HD video and TV on screen. Live content is a key feature for many hospitality and corporate foyer applications.