The Benefits of a Digital Signage Solution

Signagelive is a cloud-based, multi-award winning digital signage solution, which from your internet browser allows you to manage and update any digital signage device.

Signagelive is unique in offering integration and support for a number of different hardware platforms from PC based devices, Samsung SoC, LG webOS, ChromeOS through to enhanced SMIL. Manage all devices in the same platform without having to learn something different depending on what you use.

FREE templates available for end users.
FREE support included in the price of the licence 8:00 am – 12:00 midnight Monday – Friday UK time.
Training available to end users.

Monitoring & Reporting

Being able to monitor the performance of your registered devices is at your fingertips as soon as you log in to your network. Knowing how your devices are performing and whether they have their current or future content schedules is of high importance, therefore your network dashboard will give you all the information you need to know.

As well as monitoring, your network provides you with a rich array of reporting tools that help you extract information about your media assets, playlists, players, playlists, users and much more. What about if you wanted to report on how many times a single media asset had been played over a given period of time? No problem, your network gives you the chance to report on impressions and you can easily retrieve this information.


Simple, Powerful Scheduling
After you have uploaded your media, created your playlists and designed your layouts, the simple step of publishing your media to your screens can be done in seconds. Signagelive provides you with a flexible publishing tool where you decide when the media should start and finish; whether that’s as of now or any time in the future.

Publishing your media is made even simpler with the ability to publish media to all screens in one go, or send unique content to different screens depending on the keywords you have associated to that screen.

Content Creation

Edit Images with Aviary
Work with the images you have uploaded or connect to a wide array of external media sources, such as Facebook, Picasa or Instagram, with our Aviary Image Editor application. Uploaded an image but need to make a couple of changes? No problem, our great integration with Aviary makes image editing within your network simple.

With over 20 editing tools at your fingertips and the ability to import your images from popular media sources, editing your images within Signagelive could not be any simpler.

Central and Local Control

With Signagelive you are able to take control of all of your devices and as the Administrator you have complete control of what is shown and when via your centrally controlled network. With that in mind, sometimes you may wish to give that control back to users who are local to the location of the device and with our software you able to do that easily.

Within your network you have access to a Localised Playlist feature which enables you to give the power back to local users. You can determine what playlists a Local User can edit, what and how much media they can use and whether they are allowed to upload their own new content.