Welcome to RSignage – Affordable Digital Signage for all.

RSignage are Digital Signage providers based in the UK. If you would like to add a Digital Signage Solution to your business you now can with our “plug n play” solutions.

Our players are power by piSignage software. When you purchase a player, we will build and configure the player ready for you to plug in at your premises.

Players can then be managed via a web portal from anywhere in the world.

Video Distribution

Distribute videos instantly to your customers based on their subscription. Videos are downloaded and stored for offline play. Videos can be replaced centrally by deploying new videos.

In-store Promotion

Install displays in stores to show information about products. Display campaigns, offers and cross-promotion messages. Communicate with your customers effectively and increase sales.

Campus Information Screens

Display information about Events, upcoming Registrations, Courses, Code of Conduct etc. at common places and keep them current. Go Digital and communicate with your audience in real-time.

Corporate Communication

Deploy piSignage in Reception, Cafeteria and in other common places. Centrally deploy corporate videos, welcome messages, events, employee recognitions and more. Improve look of your Reception.

Digital Displays & Menus

Deploy digital displays in your Restaurant to attract customers. Schedule promotional videos, food images and menus based time of day or day of the week or season. Encourage instant purchases.

Dashboards & Streaming

Streaming data from various Dashboard tools to the teams can make teams more productive and motivated. Add urls or use api to display metrics from your software. You can also stream videos.