New Digital Signage Installations

Easy as……

1 – Site Visit

Redfortress will come to your business premises to discuss your Digital Signage requirements. Once this is complete we will carry out a detailed site review. Any conflicts with your requirements and site review will be discussed and a solution found.

2 – Equipment

We will source the best Digital Signage hardware and software to meet your business needs and budget. A detailed proposal will be discussed including a breakdown on price and time required to complete the project.

3 – System Installation

Our teams of highly experienced engineers will fully install your new Digital Signage System from start to finish. Once your system is fully installed, if training is required, Redfortress support can be on hand for both remote telephone support and site support.

Redfortress can provide you with bespoke installations at extremely competitive prices. Professionally installed, with full product support to improve your business opportunities, and your customer’s awareness.

Why choose Digital Signage for your business?

Digital Signage provides flexibility and a real-time platform to draw your customers attention to products, ideas, directions, social media pages and so much more! Digital Signage provides an extremely cost efficient way to advertise to customer. A business using paper signage to advertise would have to pay out any time changes were made to printed material. The cost of printing, transportation and time needed for staff to remove and update old posters is a thing of the past with Digital Signage. Schedule new content to be played at a time of day when business can be slow to draw a customers attention to products they didn’t even know existed!

To request a site visit or to discuss your Digital Signage requirements

Call 0800 862 0662


If you already have a Digital Signage Solution but require support, visit our support page for more details on how we can help your business.